Ashtanga Vinyasa is one of the pinnacles of modern yoga, a potent synthesis of breath, posture and gaze into a single, symphonic form. The practice is designed to open our experience of the body and expose us to the presence of the sublime, not in external forces, but in the tangible depth of our consciousness. It teaches us to feel through the limitless profusion of sensation that is always coursing through us, and shaping our minds and bodies from within, and to reach into the radiant center of our being, where we can feel the primitive pulse of life, thrumming and throbbing within us.

The practice is not simply to remain there, immersed in the silence beneath the mind, but also to trace the movement of the creative forces back up, feeling them shape the inner spaces of our minds, condense into our thoughts and feelings, congeal into our bones and tissues, and spread themselves out as the phenomenal world.

The possibility of intimacy with the primitive sources of our being depends on the merging together of consciousness and the creative principle. This merging or yug is what is classically known as yoga. Through yoga, we allow deep creative forces to unfold spontaneously from the depths of our being, so we can dwell in the visceral reality of the living, breathing body while sustaining a deeper awareness of the subtle forces that make us who we are. This is the yoga of embodied consciousness, which is said to bring liberation in this life.

The experience of yoga depends upon the continual realignment of the opposing forces of Prana and Apana that shape our experience from within. Ashtanga Vinyasa is designed to align these forces, so that breath can move openly through the spheres of our being, bringing awareness and the creative principle into a higher form of intimacy. More than an element of postural form, alignment is the essence of the yogic process. It is precisely through internal alignment that the experience of yoga unfolds.

In this intensive, we explore the secrets of alignment along four dimensions—the postural alignment of our bones and tissues, the dynamic alignment of the internal breath, the psychological alignment of our thoughts and feelings, and the subtle alignment of our attention to what is. These explorations give us an enlightened understanding of how to practice alignment to support and sustain the experience of yoga. As we integrate them more fully into our practice, we begin to rediscover the wild intelligence of Ashtanga Vinyasa. That is, we begin to rediscover the potency of the practice in opening our minds, exposing us o the sublime depth of our experience, and reconnecting us to the blissful and spontaneous play of the creative principle at the center of our being.


Asana classes, alignment workshops and philosophy sessions will be held each day of the Intensive. Expect to be fully immersed in the experience of the practice, and steeped in the pleasure of learning.
8:00 AM – 10:00 AM Asana Practice, Led or Mysore
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM Breathing, Chanting and Visualization
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM Alignment Workshop
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Philosophy


Saturday, June 15 – Friday, June 26
We will have two full weeks together of practice and study, starting on the morning of Sunday the 16th, and ending on the morning of Friday, June 26th. No practice or workshop on Saturday the 22nd, which we will use as a day of rest.


This intensive will be held in a beautiful antique finca in Campo, in an atmosphere of exceptional quiet and seclusion.  The finca is easy to reach, only 25 minutes by car from the International Airport of Palma (PMI) which receives direct flights from all over Europe throughout the summer months.  The finca has spacious and fully appointed rooms, with a variety of different sleeping arrangements to insure your complete comfort.

The intensive will be orchestrated by Pilar de Miguel, founder and director of Balearic Retreats.  A native Mallorcan and devoted Ashtangini, Pilar has developed a reputation for organizing magical Ashtanga retreats around the world.  She will ensure that our intensive runs smoothly.  You can email her with questions about logistics, accommodations, registrations, or anything else.


Register: Balearic Retreats.