Rediscover the Brilliance of Ashtanga

Ashtanga Vinyasa is one of the most brilliant practices to emerge from the modern Hatha tradition. In this retreat, we explore the luminous potential of the practice to quicken our creative forces and induce awakened states of mind. To place the practice in context, we turn to classical Tantra, which so generously describes the process of psychical unfoldment to which the Ashtanga practice belongs, using an alluring mixture of myth, symbol and metaphor, all focused on the captivating idea of Siva’s Dance.

The Dance of Siva is one of the crowing jewels of Tantric iconography. More than an enchanting image of divine revelry, it encodes one of the most potent Tantric teachings about the nature of the mind. It symbolizes the natural unfoldment of the mind, from the early formation of thought to the pivotal moment of dissolution that graces us with the opportunity for insight. By decoding this symbology, and contemplating the reality behind it, we learn to see the inner turnings of our minds in an extraordinary light. We learn to appreciate even the most caustic emotional episodes as poignant opportunities for seeing through our delusions and touching the sublime.

Using this vibrant piece of Tantric philosophy, we uncover the role of Ashtanga Vinyasa in cultivating the kind of contemplative consciousness that allows for the possibility of true and lasting insight. We rediscover how breath, bandha and postural alignment can support the unfolding of revelatory experience, and we continue the thread with chanting, pranayama and guided meditation. Through these explorations into the depths of embodied experience, we reconnect to the contemplative essence of the practice, and we rediscover the practice as an opportunity to participate with blistering clarity in the unfoldment of something divine—the revelry of our own experience—which reveals itself as Siva’s Dance.


July 25 – August 8, 2020. This is a two-week retreat, designed to immerse you into the contemplative experience, but if circumstances prohibit, you may attend either week alone.


This retreat will involve morning Mysore, followed by pranayama, chanting, philosophy, and a series of 8 afternoon workshops lovingly designed to illumine our theme. Wednesday and Friday afternoons will remain open for your own leisure and exploration. Saturdays are for arrival/departure and rest.


There are no requirements of technical proficiency, and open-minded beginners are absolutely welcome to attend.


Agricola Samadhi is a beautiful eco-tourismo and working organic farm in the countryside, about 40 minutes outside of the medieval city of Lecce in Puglia. It has two spacious yoga studios, one with absolutely stunning views, a lovely dining hall, enchanting groves and gardens, a large swimming pool, and a variety of well-appointed rooms and apartments to accommodate you. In the last ten years, the center has earned an international reputation for hosting premier yoga retreats. Also, the food is outstanding.


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