Kindling the Flame
June 13 – 25
Boulder and Online


The pandemic was hard on community.  The forces of isolation seeped into our bones, often leaving us brittle and cold.  Some of us lost touch with Ashtanga.  Others leaned in, and learned to go it alone.  But we all experienced a shift in our relationship to the practice, and the longing to practice together is now smoldering in our hearts.

Kindling the Flame is about recovering our lost love for sharing this practice together, our spiritual need to commune together around the wisdom of our breathing bodies – not as we did before, but as we must do now, after that long year of reckoning. This is a potent moment, an opportunity for us to engage the Ashtanga practice anew, to draw out what is essential, what is uplifting, what is transformative, and to leave the rest to the past.

In this immersion, we look deeply into the energetics of the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice, to clarify the elements that give the practice its potency, the elements bring us a deeper experience of our embodiment, and allow us to see ourselves more clearly, so we can let go of the things that are ready to fall aside. Through this process of clarification, we allow a new understanding of the practice to appear, not just in our own minds and bodies, but in the space that we share, once again. We move softly, gently, in lucid awareness of where we have just been, honoring the immensity of the experience, while reopening to new possibilities, and stepping into new strength. 


This immersion will involve supported, self-guided asana practice (Mysore), followed by gentle sessions of pranayama and heart-centered meditation, along with a series of workshop explorations in energetic alignment.  There will be some searching talks on secular spirituality, the yoga of relationship, and what it means to practice together in 2021

The entire program will be devoted to supporting our revival, as fellow seekers, who wish to move on from this time of isolation with a renewed awareness, and a renewed sense of what it means to practice yoga in community. Together we will hold space for one another to connect to the timeless wisdom of the heart, so we can allow that wisdom to guide us both personally and collectively.


June 13-25*

Asana: 8:00 – 10:00
Pranayama: 10:15 – 11:00
Workshop: 11:30 – 1:00

*Saturday, June 19, (Juneteenth) off for observance and rest

We will also have a Mysore program running June-August in the Shambhala center. So if you wish to extend your time of practice with us in Boulder in the weeks before or after the intensive, you are welcome to join. Register for Mysore here.


$1200 Registration is secure upon $400 deposit, with the remaining balance due by June 3. Refunds will be issued upon request, minus $100 for administrative fees until August 3. No refunds will be issued after Aug 3, except under extenuating circumstances. To register, make your registration deposit by clicking the register button below. You will receive a confirmation email promptly.


Boulder Shambhala Center
In this immersion you will be invited to stare into your own depths, with courage and compassion, and to extend those same qualities to those around you. Some facility with the Ashtanga Vinyasa method is essential, but there are no requirements of postural or technical proficiency. There will be no performative pressures, and we will engage ourselves with softness and an abiding sense of humor. People with injuries and special conditions who have a genuine interest in our subject are absolutely welcome to join.


This immersion will be live-streamed for those who wish to attend virtually. By registering for virtual access, you will have access to the entire live streamed event (minus the Mysore classes), as well as access to video recordings of all sessions for 6 months. The requested donation is $400.  All donations are equally appreciated.
Register for virtual access here.
Donate for virtual access here.