Sthira Bhava

The Third Series of the Ashtanga system is called Sthira Bhava, “steady devotion” because that is what the practice demands. This beautiful and flowing practice has a steep learning curve, which turns away all but the most steady of practitioners, who continue to engage the practice with patience and humility. In the beginning, the practice can feel severe and unforgiving, but if devotion remains steady for a long time, the practice becomes lighter and begins to unfold with a graceful fluidity.

In this Intensive, we explore the rhythm and flow of the Third Series, including not only the postures, but the dynamic sequences of breath, movement and awareness to which they belong. We develop strategies for working constructively with difficult forms, and we learn to adapt the postures, where necessary, to our unique bodies and circumstances, so we can practice the series intelligently, and taste its astonishing potency, without breaking ourselves in the process.

September 6 -10, 2021


8:00 AM – 10:30 AM: Asana, Pranayama and Visualization
11:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Alignment

Each day of the program will begin with a strong guided asana practice (around 2 hours), focusing on different stretches of the Third Series, followed by pranayama and a short break. After the break, we reconvene for an alignment workshop in which we look closely at the postures and movement patterns of the Third Series. In these workshops, we looking closely at the postures and the movement patterns that connect them, and we discover the internal patterns of alignment that bring the postures alive.


All sessions will be live streamed on Zoom (registration link below and also video recorded. The recordings will be posted on my platform and made available within 24 hours to all registered.


To participate in this intensive, you are not required or expected to be already proficient in the Third Series. The only requirement is that you have practiced the Second regularly for some years, and you have absorbed the energetic signature of that practice with reasonable internal form. You need hot have attained conventional criteria of proficiency in every single pose of the Second Series, but you must have attained steadiness in the practice overall. People with injuries and other limitations who otherwise meet these requirements are absolutely welcome to attend.


Boulder: $750. Registration can be secured by $250 deposit, with remaining balance due by September 1.
Online: By Donation ($250 Suggested). All amounts deeply appreciated.


Boulder Option:
Full Tuition
Deposit Only
Online Option
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