Tracing the Subtle Breath

Visualization is one of the most potent modes of traditional Tantric and Hatha Yoga practice. Though often used alone, visualization can be combined with any practice that works with energetic forces. The impact of visualization owes to the fact that wherever attention goes, prana follows. So we can use attention to draw prana into auspicious patterns, and also to enhance its natural rhythm and flow, to uncover the fluid dynamism and inherent spaciousness of the mind.

Ashtanga Vinyasa is all about moving the subtle currents of the breath to give us a more fluid experience of ourselves, and to help us flow more elegantly with the ever shifting nature of reality. When we learn to visualize these currents, merging in sensitive places all over the body, the ritual comes alive, and the impact on our experience becomes truly profound.

This intensive is an opportunity to explore visualization in the context of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. By feeling closely into the movements of the subtle breath, then visualizing those movements in their natural flow, we will discover a new axis of postural alignment, which can unlock the potency of any form.

This intensive will be held in a beautiful countryside resort outside Ubud in Bali. The retreat will involve some fairly sophisticated somatic exploration, but established practitioners of all physical abilities are welcome to join. The program will involve morning Mysore practices, followed by Pranayama and Chanting, then a series of afternoon workshops to look more closely into our theme. I warmly welcome you to join me, Feburary 1-14, for this special exploration.

To register, email Pilar at Balearic Retreats:
pilar@balearic retreats